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MedQuest FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MedQuest? MedQuest is a health career exploration camp designed to encourage high school students to choose careers in rural healthcare.

How long has MedQuest been around? Rural MedQuest began in 1994, and Frontier and Juntos in 2023.

Who can attend? Any Oregon high school student, including graduating Seniors.

How many MedQuest camps are there? There are three MedQuest camps each year: Rural, Frontier, and Juntos.

When does MedQuest happen? Rural MedQuest is held at the end of June, Frontier MedQuest is in the beginning of June, and Juntos MedQuest is in March during spring break.

Where do the MedQuest camps take place? Rural MedQuest is held in La Grande, Frontier MedQuest is in Burns, and Juntos MedQuest is in The Dalles.
The cost of MedQuest varies for each camp. Rural MedQuest is $400, Frontier MedQuest is $300, and Juntos MedQuest is free. Scholarships are available.

What are the steps in the application process? To attend MedQuest, each student needs to complete the following: application, acceptance form, TB testing, sign releases & consents, and respond to all other requests in a timely manner. NEOAHEC will communicate with you via email, so make sure you are checking your inbox regularly.

Do I have to stay the whole time? Each student is expected to participate in the entirety of camp--students are not allowed to leave early or skip activities.

Can I be a camp counselor? To be a camp counselor, please fill out a camp counselor application. Ideally, counselors are college students on the path to health career, though all candidates will be considered.