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Northeast Oregon Area Health Education Center

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Chronicle of Higher Education

A case study titled, "How a Rural College Works to Prevent 'Brain Drain'" was recently published by The Chronicle of Higher Education. This article is about the many partners that Eastern Oregon University (EOU) has that work together to make rural eastern Oregon a place to call home.

In this article, NEOAHEC's MedQuest is mentioned as directly impacting La Grande native Avie Durrant, who has participated in MedQuest three times! The article says, "Aviendha (Avie) Durrant, a senior at La Grande High School who plans to attend EOU in the fall...spent a week living on EOU’s campus for a MedQuest camp run by a local nonprofit, the Northeast Oregon Area Health Education Center, for students interested in the medical field. Durrant found the connections helpful and comforting, she says. 'It makes me feel more confident in going from high school to college, which is a big step.'”

We are so thrilled to have been mentioned in this article, and we love all the attention that MedQuest receives.

Click here to read the full article.