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2020 Virtual Girls in Science Program Receives "Outstanding Public Outreach Event" Award from the American Chemical Society

Last year, the pandemic challenged everyone to think outside the box and adapt quickly and intentionally. NEOAHEC and Eastern Oregon University's Chemistry, Biology, Math and Computer Science teams did just that with last years Girls in Science program. This normally in-person, hands-on science experience for middle school girls had to be adapted to allow students to safely participate in these experiments from their homes.
Using a contact free method, students were sent supply boxes with all the resources needed to participate in the camp activities. Some of these activities included:
  • Building a Model of the Coronavirus
  • Analyzing Virus Simulations
  • Learning How Viruses React To Soap
  • How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer
  • The Trajectory of Your Sneeze
The 2020 Virtual Girls in Science program was used as the blue print for the event recognized by the American Chemical Society as the 2021 ChemLuminary Award, Outstanding Public Outreach Event that was awarded to the Richland Local Section. NEOAHEC was honored to collaborate with the Eastern Oregon University Chemistry Club to put on this event for students and to share our resources with the Richland Section of the American Chemical Society.
The 2021 Virtual Girls in Science will take place this Saturday on November 6th following the same model as the 2020 camp. Thirty-two Middle school girls registered for Virtual Girls in Science this year from the following schools in Oregon: Baker, La Grande, Enterprise, Pendleton, Ione, Cove, North Bend, Pine Eagle and Weston McEwen.
We look forward to inspiring and helping provide resources for young women to explore the fields of STEM, and we are optimistic for an in-person camp next year!