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Northeast Oregon Area Health Education Center

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Updated Guide to Health Careers Now Available!

MedQuest Announces 2019 Staff and Campers

MedQuest Announces 2019 Staff and Campers

Northeast Oregon Area Health Education Center (NEOAHEC) is pleased to announce its staff and camper selections for the 27th Annual MedQuest program, held in La Grande from June 16-21, 2019. This long-running health career exploration camp for high school students engages participants in a variety of unique medical experiences, including individually-tailored job shadows, panel discussions with local providers, tours of medical facilities, and much more...

Learning in Context with Rural & Frontier-Based Interprofessional Education

Learning in Context with Rural & Frontier-Based Interprofessional Education

Many of us recognize that eastern Oregon is a vast and geographically isolated part of the state. Residents actively choose to call our beautiful region home, but sometimes this comes with a small price in terms of accessing healthcare...

Lighting the Fire: Connecting Students and Healthcare Professionals through the EOU Health Speaker Series

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”–William Butler Yeats.

This quote captures the essence of the Eastern Oregon University (EOU) Health Speaker Series—a collaborative project that aims to do more than simply transfer knowledge; it aims to ignite students’ passions in healthcare.

Organized by NEOAHEC and the EOU Pre-Professional Health Club (PPHC), the Health Speaker Series (HSS) connects students with a variety of mentors by scheduling candid chats with health providers, graduate students, and representatives from health career programs. The presentations are held in EOU’s Huber Auditorium in La Grande once or twice per academic term, with each session featuring a different career theme, such as “Pharmacy Night,” “Physical Therapy Night,” and so on. Speakers relay their educational and career journeys, advice for students considering their career, and thoughts about why it is so valuable to practice in a rural area. Most importantly, they highlight both the positive and negative aspects of their job so students have a realistic picture of each vocation.

Happy National Rural Health Week! NEOAHEC Affirms Commitment to Rural Healthcare Workforce as it Welcomes New Staff Members

NEOAHEC’s team is now more dynamic than ever! In October, we were pleased to welcome Beckie Juarez and Jill Boyd to our group, who will work in tandem to enhance NEOAHEC’s support of the Northeast Oregon Campus for Rural Health (CRH)...