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OHSU Campus for Rural Health

Drawing Medical Providers to Eastern Oregon Through One-of-a-Kind Rural Experiences

Eastern Oregon Campus for Rural Health (CRH)

Rural communities face significant challenges to healthcare access. High rates of poverty, cultural and social factors, educational hurdles, and other factors combine to create barriers to healthy lives.

A shortage of medical professionals compounds these problems. OHSU is addressing the challenges with the Rural Campus interprofessional education initiative.

Students live together and work in cohorts under the leadership of community partners, clinicians and OHSU research teams. Studying and working in multi-disciplinary cohorts, students learn to communicate with, care for and become full advocates for community members. A range of projects provides students with opportunities for clinical rotations and research.

Sites in the Northeast Oregon Campus for Rural Health

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Community Based Projects Completed

  • Union County Warming Shelter
  • Wallowa County Medicated Assisted Therapy Workflow
  • Childhood Immunization Awareness
  • Baby Bag Program
  • Teen Safety and Fentanyl Awareness