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NEOAHEC Welcomes a New Student Board Member

Northeast Oregon AHEC Welcomes New Student Board Member

NEOAHEC is excited to announce that Yessenia Garcia-Sanchez has been selected as our Student Board member for the 2020-2021 year.

To say that Yessenia is familiar with our organization would be an understatement as her involvement with NEOAHEC dates all the way back to 2013! In middle school she traveled from her home in Umatilla to Eastern Oregon University in La Grande to participate in the Girls in Science camp. Her interest in science and the medical field continued to evolve, and she attended NEOAHEC’s MedQuest Camp for the first time in 2016. Her passion for helping others with their medical needs was affirmed through her job shadow at camp. Yessenia returned as a MedQuest camper in 2018, and knew she wanted to pursue a career in nursing. With her involvement as a camper and her genuinely positive attitude, she was invited back to serve as a MedQuest Counselor. Yessenia has spent the last two years sharing her passion with the students of our camp.

Yessenia finished her associates degree at Blue Mountain Community College, and started at Oregon Health and Sciences University School of Nursing in La Grande this fall. She will finish with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing in 2023.

Yessenia’s years of involvement and ability to inspire others will make her a great member of the NEOAHEC Board of Directors.