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AHEC of Southwest Oregon Now Accepting Applications For ReConnect Scribe Program! Apply by March 16th!

Are you a pre-health graduate pursuing an advanced medical degree (MD, DO, PA, NP)?

AHEC of SW Oregon's ReConnect Scribe program offers graduates a job opportunity as a medical scribe for their “gap year” between undergraduate and acceptance into an advanced medical program. It places scribes in local clinics in Southern Oregon, where they work directly with physicians as a medical scribe. The positions are full-time and receive the typical wages of a medical scribe.

This program has many benefits for pre-health graduates that give them a competitive edge as they apply for advanced medical programs. In addition to gaining thousands of patient-contact hours, they have the opportunity to work closely with physicians, observe the patient-provider experience, and develop professional skills in a clinical setting. Additionally, these graduates get to experience a year in a medically underserved area where they will see first-hand the unique healthcare challenges facing rural communities.

Access these resources for more information:

1. ReConnect Scribes Digital Flyer:
2. Facebook Page:
3. One-Page Informational Sheet:…/1hCO5zoRIW9GUCeltxbkXncNtE…/view…

Interested in Applying?

If so, email the following documents to

1. Cover letter
2. Your professional resume or curriculum vitae
3. Two or more letters of recommendation

You will receive a confirmation email that your documents have been received. The window for application will close on March 16, 2018. Interviews and placements will occur in April 2018.