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Northeast Oregon Area Health Education Center

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National Rural Health Day & Photo Contest

National Rural Health Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of November. This year's theme is "Innovation in Rural Health Care Delivery."

When asked about the importance of celebrating this holiday, NEOAHEC Executive Director Meredith Lair responds, “Healthy rural communities depend on our collective resilience and willingness to partner with each other for the betterment of our small towns. In an all too familiar saying, there's no I in team, innovation only happens when we are willing to come together and look at impossible situations as great opportunities. Much like there is a place for everyone in healthcare, there is place for everyone in making of an innovative, sustainable, and healthy rural community.”

To celebrate and bring awareness to rural health, NEOAHEC hosted a photo contest! We asked students to share photos that honors the health of rural Oregon--our healthcare workers, our healthy communities, or our organizations that support rural health.

The winners of our contest were Alexandra Wulf and Arleigh Des Jardin! Congratulations!

Firemen rescuing Alexandra from the top of Bald Mountain after her mother-in-law fell and broke her fibula.


Alexandra Wulf, OHSU 2024 MD Candidate

Arleigh's husband admiring Aneroid Lake in the Eagle Caps.


Arleigh Des Jardin, OHSU SON La Grande campus Sophomore