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Relational Leadership Series

Offered monthly in January, February, and March, 2021

12:00-1:00pm PST

About the RLI series:

The Relational Leadership Institute (RLI) launched in Portland, Oregon in 2017 because increasing numbers of healthcare colleagues were sharing that:

  • They were experiencing burnout and a sense of dissatisfaction with important aspects of their day-to-day professional work;
  • They felt isolated, and sought a community of supportive peers who were also learning how to be more effective leaders and create a more relational culture in their workplace;
  • There was a “gap” in leadership practices for building healthy teams, managing conflict, and launching critical innovation projects in an authentically relational and collaborative manner.

This three part Relational Leadership series is a learning collaborative bringing together a diverse, inter-professional, cross-generational group of health professionals to develop critical Relational Leadership practices. The collaborative combines large group didactics, small group work, and opportunities for individual and group reflection, in addition to application in clinical and innovation settings. Participants leverage the learning space for support, inspiration, and insight from the diverse backgrounds and professions of their colleagues.

Spaces are limited to 30 participants. If you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration to allow us to accommodate people on the waitlist.

Please email any questions to Kate Hubbard here.