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Annual Reports

Oregon AHEC 21-22 Annual Report

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2022 Annual Report

"From the outside, it may seem that living the rural way of life feels like the road less traveled but for me, it feels like the road full of promise. The promise of community service, the never-ending opportunity for innovation, the feeling of family, and strong relationships.

In my ten years with NEOAHEC, I have been inspired and driven by the people of eastern Oregon. As I look forward to the future and all of the exciting things it will hold for NEOAHEC, I want to pause and highlight a few special moments from 2022."

—Executive Director, Meredith Lair

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2021 Annual Report

"Sometimes by slowing down, reflecting, prioritizing, and letting go an organization is given the opportunity to truly get better. This year at NEOAHEC our staff has been challenged and gifted with birth of new life, surgeries, sickness, loss of friends, and another year of working from home in separation of each other.

At NEOAHEC our team is small, but entirely devoted to serving Eastern Oregon through health career education. In this year of pause, we were able to learn and grow from our continued virtual programming, take inventory of gaps in our program pathway, and begin again with new ideas, collaborations, and renewed sense of purpose.

On behalf of NEOAHEC staff, board, and volunteers I wish you a year of happiness, health and possibilities."

—Executive Director, Meredith Lair

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2020 Annual Report

Success in 2020 was defined by our willingness to travel into the unknown and do the absolute best that we could for our region, and for our students. While there have been some challenges for our team to overcome this year, they have not outweighed the opportunity to remain true to our mission: to educate and inspire students and professionals to build a sustainable health care community for Eastern Oregon.

We hope that you enjoy this snapshot of our work during this challenging year!

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2019-2020 Oregon AHEC Annual Report

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